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The Terrorist Attack In Lebanon , 12.09.2008

We have learnt with sorrow that Mr. Saleh Aridi, a member of the Lebanese Democratic Party, was murdered on 10 September 2008 in a bomb attack that was targeted at his car. It was reported that together with Mr. Aridi six persons were wounded. We express our condolences to the family of Mr. Aridi and wish quick recovery to the wounded.


This terrorist attack aims to undermine stability and peace in Lebanon. There is no doubt that the attack intends damaging the national dialogue and reconciliation established with the Doha Agreement. Considering terrorism as a crime against humanity, Turkey strongly condemns this heinous attack.


We hope that perpetrators of this terrorist attack will be apprehended at once. On this sad occasion, we reiterate that Turkey will continue to extend its support and contributions to the protection of an environment of tranquility and stability in Lebanon.