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Press Release Regarding The Terrorist Attack In Afghanistan , 25.03.2009

The loss of eight policemen and the injury of one as a result of a terrorist attack against an Afghan National Police convoy on patrol in Spin Boldak town of Kandahar Province of brotherly Afghanistan on March 23, 2009 has caused deep sorrow and concern.

Furthermore, the loss of the District Governor, Chief of Police and the Chief of Intelligence together with six Afghan policemen as a result of a terrorist attack in Kushtepe town of Jowzjan Province on March 20, 2009 is another source of grief.

Terrorism has once again shown its treacherous and ugly face with these attacks. Turkey strongly condemns these abhorrent attacks that targetted public officials working for the security of Afghanistan.

Considering terror as the common enemy of humankind, Turkey stands in solidarity with the Afghan people against this scourge, and shares their grievance and outrage.