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Press Release Regarding The Seventh Meeting At Ministerial Level Of The Turkey-eu Accession Conference , 29.06.2009

The Seventh Meeting at Ministerial Level of the Turkey-EU Accession Conference will be held on 30 June 2009 in Brussels. During the Accession Conference, Turkey will be represented by a delegation headed by the Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator H.E. Mr. Egemen Bağış.

At the meeting, it is expected that the chapter “Taxation” where the opening benchmark has been met in the context of Turkey’s accession process, will be opened for negotiations. As a result, 11 Chapters will have been opened for negotiations.

Turkey’s progress in its accession process and steps to be taken to further this process will be discussed with the EU side at the meeting.

Turkey, in the context of its accession process, is resolutely carrying on the reforms towards aligning with the EU acquis, both in order to fulfill its obligations for membership and to improve the living standards of its people. In this respect, our expectation from the EU side to honor its commitments and to adopt an approach free from political considerations as regards our accession negotiations, which is a technical process, will be conveyed to the EU side.