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Press Release Regarding The Accident In Afghanistan , 15.07.2009

15 July 2009, An armored vehicle, carrying Staff Colonel Faruk Sungur, the Commander of the Turkish Task Force in Afghanistan and Colonel Murat Kaymakçılar, Commander of the Turkish military troop which is being deployed to Mazar-e Sharif for the Presidential Elections to be held in Afghanistan, had an unfortunate accident on July 14, 2009 on its way to Mazar-e Sharif from province of Faryab where our military officials visited for inspections. We have learnt with deep sorrow about the demise of Staff Colonel Faruk Sungur and Specialist Sergeant Mevlüt Baydur in the accident site.

Colonel Murat Kaymakçılar and Specialist Sergeant Fehmi Berkyürek, who are injured, were immediately hospitalized at the Military Hospital in Mazar-e Sharif by a helicopter sent by ISAF Regional Command-North and their first medical treatment was carried out.

An ambulance plane allocated by the Turkish General Staff is due to travel to Afghanistan in order to take the injured and the corpses of our martyrs today (July 15).

Members of the Turkish Armed Forces are performing the missions they assume ideally in different regions of the world with a view to establishing peace and stability while demonstrating great heroism and sacrifices. Likewise, the Turkish military troops in Afghanistan are making tangible and significant contributions to the security, peace and development of this country. We sincerely share the deep sorrow of Turkish Armed Forces with which we always work side by side in carrying out these missions.

We extend our condolences to the Turkish Armed Forces community and the families of Staff Colonel Faruk Sungur and Specialist Sergeant Mevlüt Baydur, martyrized while extending Turkey’s helping hand to the friendly and brotherly Afghan people, and wish speedy recovery to the wounded ones.