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Press Release Regarding The Suicide Attack On The Isaf Convoy In Kabul , 18.09.2009

Turkey is deeply saddened and concerned by the suicide attack against the ISAF convoy in Kabul, the capital of brotherly Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of 10 civilians and 6 Italian soldiers and wounded more than 50 people.

Turkey, as a contributing country to ISAF operations, strongly condemns these heinous attacks that target peace, stability and security of fraternal and friendly Afghanistan; Turkey attaches utmost importance to the well being of the Afghan people and the efforts devoted to the establishment of peace and serenity in the country as soon as possible and will continue to help relieve the pains of the fraternal people of Afghanistan as long as it is required.

Turkey, in solidarity with the people and the government of Afghanistan and Italy, extend her condolences to the families of the victims and wishes speedy recovery to those wounded.