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Press Release Regarding The Incidents In And Around Harem Al-sharif , 08.10.2009

We are concerned with the incidents in and around Harem Al-Sharif which resulted in many injuries due to the escalation of tensions since September 24th.

It is of great importance to draw lessons from the sad incidents of the past related to Harem Al-Sharif which is one of the holiest places for the Muslim world and to refrain from any actions that carry the potential of further escalating the tensions, and thereby, obstructing the peace efforts.

Turkey attaches utmost priority and special importance to the protection of the sacred nature of Harem Al-Sharif and the cultural and religious fabric of Jerusalem. With this understanding, we invite all parties, starting with Israel, to act responsibly, to respect the holy places and to refrain from provocative actions at a time when the efforts are concentrated on the reinvigoration of peace talks.