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Press Release Regarding The Sinking Of The Republic Of Korea Navy Ship "cheonan" , 21.05.2010

The results of the investigation conducted by the Joint Investigation Group comprised of South Korean and international experts on the wreck of the Republic of  Korea Navy  ship “Cheonan” which sank on 26 March 2010 as a result of an explosion  was announced on 20 May 2010.
The findings of the investigation indicate that the explosion which caused the sinking of the ship stems from a torpedo manufactured in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).
At a time when the Six-Party Talks is at a standstill and thus refraining from tension on the Korean Peninsula is of utmost importance, the presence of evidence pointing to North Korea is of great concern. It is obvious that this development will result in further increasing the isolation of  North Korea.
Turkey, is in solidarity with our friend and ally, the South Korean Government and its people in this tragic incident in which 46 mariners lost their lives and will continue to act in close cooperation with South Korea as the other responsible members of the international community.