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Press Release Regarding The Begining Of The National Consultative Peace Jirga In Afghanistan , 02.06.2010

The National Consultative Peace Jirga, which has begun today (June 2) in Kabul, is a significant step towards social peace in Afghanistan.

Providing lasting security and stability in Afghanistan can only be possible on the basis of a reconciliation policy embracing all parts of the society under the lead of the Afghan government. This point that was underscored by President Hamid Karzai in his inauguration speech of 19 November 2009 also holds the key to ending the atmosphere of war in Afghanistan.

In the run up to the parliamentary elections to be held on 18 September 2010 we wish success to the Peace Jirga, which aims at a compromise involving all segments of the Afghan society and occupies an important place in the traditional fabric of the country.

Turkey, who on every occasion reaffirms her support to theconsolidation of the national unity and social solidarity of Afghanistan, will continue to extend all possible assistance to the friendly and brotherly Afghanistan in its efforts to attain security and development within a most positive environment that also includes the cooperation of its neighbors.