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Turkish Offshore Industry B2b Meetings , 15.04.2015




May 6, 2015 at OTC 2015 


Offshore Technology Conference - NRG Park, Houston, TX

West Press South Room, NRG Stadium     10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. 



Turkish Shipyards and Offshore Suppliers   


The Turkish Ship and Yacht Exporters   Association
 is organizing a trade mission to OTC 2015 to bring together Turkish   suppliers with OTC attendees. The participating  Turkish companies   represent established shipyards and manufacturers of oil rigs, steel, deck machinery,   pressurized tanks and vessels serving the global offshore industry. Take   advantage of this opportunity to meet with these key shipyards and suppliers   on May 6, 2015 and schedule a short meeting with one or more of the attending   companies.  


Turkish Companies Represent


Offshore Services, Equipment and Supplies


Participating   companies' products and services include:


Shipbuilding   and repair, maintenance, conversion overhaul for a wide range of offshore   vessels - steel fabrication and construction services - oil rigs and oilfield   equipment - cryogenic tank systems, ship deck equipment - marine supplies and   accessories.  


Learn More About the Benefits of Working with Turkish Suppliers and   Partners 


This   is an excellent opportunity to meet with key Turkish companies and learn more   about the benefits of working with Turkey, a leading shipbuilder and   manufacturer serving the global offshore industry. 



B2B Meetings at OTC 2015 




May 6,  2015 -  10:00   a.m. - 5 p.m


Meetings scheduled throughout the day


Buffet lunch served  





West Press South Room in the NRG   Stadium  


B2B Meeting, Contact:   Cimperium LLC


Tel: 301.335.1725 or   202.213.8964 or via email


Download the B2B Meeting Information   and Request Form