Turkish Consulate General in Houston

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Taking your pet to Turkey, 23.03.2016

 How to take your pet into Turkey for a temporary period:

It is allowed to take in total 2 pets or 10 aquarium fish into Turkey for a temporary period. Pets for entry are classified as cat, dog and bird; and other animals are not allowed into the country.

The documents necessary for the importation of pets into Turkey are as follows:

 1. A rabies vaccination certificate, which must be, issued not later than fifteen days prior to the entry.

2. " United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals" Form (Also called Form 7001)

3. If present, please submit your pet’s passport the custom.

If above documents are given by an accredited veterinarian OR if they are approved by U.S. Department of Agriculture accepted by Turkish authorities, it is not necessary to have the documents legalized by the Turkish Embassy's Consular Section or a Turkish Consulate General.

Please make sure that your pet has a microchip (for birds, identification rings around the foot)

If your first destination is the Istanbul Atatürk Airport and you have further questions, you may e-mail to the Veterinary Border Control Point at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport via ahl.vskn@gmail.com